• Gab Valenciano auditions in 'America's Got Talent'

    "America's Got Talent" released a teaser video showing those who auditioned as they danced on stage. One of them is Gab, who came in a red tank top and colorful pair of tight pants, reminiscent of his outfits in his 'super selfie' videos.

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    • Kristen Bell on Posing Naked for Allure

      "This is the first interview I've ever done where I'm not wearing panties. Lucky you," says Kristen Bell. And that is how I met the 33-year-old actress (House of Lies, Veronica Mars), who, for the record, was wearing a robe.

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      • NBA fines Josh McRoberts $20K for forearm to LeBron James' throat, upgrades foul to flagrant-2 (Video)

        Despite the increased penalty and fine, the Charlotte Bobcats forward avoids suspension, and will be available for Game 3 in North Carolina.

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        • Boy and girl on Korean ferry drowned with life jackets tied together

          By James Pearson and Meeyoung Cho SEOUL (Reuters) - A boy and girl trapped in a sinking South Korean ferry with hundreds of other high school students tied their life jacket cords together, a diver who recovered their bodies said, presumably so they wouldn't float apart. Captain Lee Joon-seok, 69,…

          • KC admits love for Paulo

            [caption id="attachment_132529" align="alignright" width="240"] Paulo Avelino and KC Concepcion (Instagram)[/caption] Actress KC Concepcion neither confirmed nor denied speculations about the supposed derailment of her burgeoning relationship with actor Paulo Avelino. If anything, her response to a…

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            • How to Drink All Night Without Getting Drunk

              As the co-founder and chairman of the Boston Beer Company, he has appeared in countless Sam Adams commercials over thirty years. And, while this always-smiling man is a regular guy like you and me while walking the street, the second he enters a bar Jim Koch becomes a celebrity. One apologized for…

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              • The other side of Palawan

                By Ellen T. Tordesillas Mention Palawan and what comes to mind are Underground River and El Nido in the northern side of this richly-blessed province from its capital, Puerto Princesa. Three weeks ago, we went to the southern side- in … Continue reading →

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                • Obama 'ate only half' the sushi course

                  Barack Obama may have enthused publicly about the sushi he was served at an exclusive Michelin-starred restaurant, but he stopped eating half way through the meal, reports said Thursday. Pictures showed the US president being served sake by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the counter of the…

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                  • Ex-Marine sentenced to die in sailor's slaying

                    ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — An ex-Marine was sentenced to death Thursday for murdering a fellow service member in 2009, after a federal jury concluded he had been responsible for a series of violent, sexually motivated attacks on women and young girls over the last nine years.

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                    • Aaron Carter: I still want Duff

                      Aaron Carter has spoken of his feelings for his ex-girlfriend Hilary Duff again.

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                      • The Secret of Celebrities’ Flawless Skin

                        In order to have flawless skin, you have to pay more attention to facial wash up and skin care. Many stars place their skin toner, mist and booster inside a bathroom so that they could immediately apply them as soon as they finish their facial wash up.

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                        • 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife': Doubts Raised About Ancient Text

                          Now, new information uncovered by Live Science raises doubts about the origins of the scrap of papyrus. The gospel, written in the ancient Egyptian language Coptic, has made headlines ever since Harvard University professor Karen King announced its discovery. The business-card-size fragment…

                          • Bloodied shirt, unwashed fork: JPII relics abound

                            ROME (AP) — Inside a chapel on the edge of Rome, a nun uses a key to open a wooden wall panel, revealing a hidden niche. Behind glass and stitched loosely to supporting backing hangs a relic of holy suffering: the bullet-pocked, bloodstained undershirt that John Paul II was wearing when a gunman…

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                            • Russia's Putin calls the Internet a 'CIA project'

                              President Vladimir Putin on Thursday called the Internet a CIA project and made comments about Russia's biggest search engine Yandex, sending the company's shares plummeting. The Kremlin has been anxious ...

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                              • [Health Tip] Get Skinny Legs with Delicious, Low-Calories Rice Porridge

                                 [by Shin Na Young / translated by Chloe Yun] There are three idol stars especially recognized for Barbie doll legs: Soo Young of Girls’ Generation, HyunA of 4minute, and Kang Min Gyung of Davichi.  Girls’ Generation’s Soo Young’s slim, curvy body stands out among the nine beautiful members. Kang…

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                                • ASUS First in the World to Unleash full SATA Express Performance

                                  With the upcoming launch of Intel's upcoming chipset, ASUS has announced that its future motherboards will be able to fully utilize the latest SATA Express interface standard. Read on to find out what exactly ASUS has been doing ever since its SATA Express concept motherboard was shown in CES 2014.

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                                  • More jobs for Pinoys in South Korea eyed

                                    If you’re planning to work abroad, you might want to keep an eye out for job openings in South Korea.

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                                    • The Solution to Skin Aging: Blocking UV Rays

                                      [by Park Jin Jin / translated by Cho Suyoun] When you take a closer look ...

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                                      • Pacquiao has lost his 'pop', Mayweather

                                        Floyd Mayweather says Manny Pacquiao has lost a step and that the Filipino's superstar slide has coincided with his decision to split from former strength trainer Alex Ariza. The 37-year-old undefeated welterweight champ Mayweather weighed in Wednesday on the latest performance by Pacquiao who beat…

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                                        • Exclusive: Apple, Google to pay $324 million to settle conspiracy lawsuit

                                          By Dan Levine SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Four major tech companies including Apple and Google have agreed to pay a total of $324 million to settle a lawsuit accusing them of conspiring to hold down salaries in Silicon Valley, sources familiar with the deal said, just weeks before a high profile…