• 4 questions about missing Malaysian plane answered

    Travelers at Asian airports have asked questions about the March 8 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Here are some of them, followed by answers.

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    • Dear Ms. Kris Aquino

      Sometime in October, 2013, you assumed a new role as member of the board of directors of Central Azucarera de Tarlac. The news spread quickly among the good, decent, and hardworking farm workers and farmers at Hacienda Luisita and their supporters inside and outside of Tarlac. Your new role comes…

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      • Vice-principal of South Korea school in ferry disaster commits suicide

        By Jungmin Jang and Ju-min Park MOKPO/JINDO South Korea (Reuters) - The vice-principal of a South Korean high school who accompanied hundreds of pupils on a ferry that capsized has committed suicide, police said on Friday, as hopes faded of finding any of the 274 missing alive. The Sewol, carrying…

        • Japan, US to back ASEAN's sea surveillance

          Japan and the United States will pledge to jointly help Southeast Asian nations boost their marine surveillance capabilities, a newspaper said on Saturday, as tensions over territorial disputes in the region simmer. US President Barak Obama will discuss the issue with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe…

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          • More than a thriving career for Coleen

            First, she was discovered as a stunning teen newcomer who made heads turn and eyes glued to her weekly youth-oriented drama on ABS-CBN every Sunday. In the first Yahoo! OMG Awards in 2011, she was among the nominees based on … Continue reading →

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            • Russia warns US against further sanctions as Ukraine deal stalls

              Russia said its military is massed on Ukraine's doorstep and warned against further US sanctions as a deal struck with Washington appeared to stall because of intransigence by Moscow-backed rebels in the former Soviet republic. A threat by US President Barack Obama that more sanctions would befall…

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              • Looming, creeping landslide splits home in Wyoming

                JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) — A sudden lurch in a creeping landslide in the northwest Wyoming resort town of Jackson split a house in two and forced workers to abandon just-begun efforts to stabilize the hillside.

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                • Let the (real) games begin: It's NBA playoff time

                  MIAMI (AP) — Finally, the NBA playoffs are set.

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                  • Study: sleeping positions reflect quality of relationships

                    Whether a couple sleeps face to face or back to back, with or without physical contact, is a good indicator of relationship health, according to a study presented at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, which is taking place in the Scottish city through April 20. Couples who sleep closer…

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                    • Centipede Bursts from Snake's Stomach

                      A group of researchers stumbled upon a grisly scene during a field study in Macedonia last year: a dead nose-horned viper with a centipede's head sticking out of its ruptured abdomen. "All of us were astonished, as nobody has ever seen something like this," Ljiljana Tomovi?, a herpetologist at the…

                      • Fiat-Chrysler to produce iconic Jeep in China from 2015

                        Automaker Fiat-Chrysler said on Saturday that it would begin producing the iconic American brand Jeep in China from 2015 to meet demand in the world's largest car market. Fiat-Chrysler -- created by Italy's Fiat acquiring Chrysler of the United States -- will produce three Jeep sport utility…

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                        • Dane joins in Philippines' bloody Easter crucifixions

                          A Danish man joined eight Filipinos in re-enacting the death of Jesus Christ Friday by being nailed to crosses in a bloody annual Easter spectacle in the Philippines before thousands of surprised onlookers. But local residents were surprised to see the Dane, identified by a local tourism officer as…

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                          • That Nap Could Be Leading You to an Early Death

                            We all know how important it is to get enough sleep—but a new study suggests that daytime napping may actually increase your risk of an early death. Researchers looked at more than 16,000 British adults over a 13-year period, and found that those who sle

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                            • Are Tom Cruise & Laura Prepon Dating?

                              Is Tom Cruise secretly dating Laura Prepon?

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                              • The sleeping giant awakes

                                Napoleon Bonaparte was said to have warned of the “Sleeping Giant,” China, which now is fully awake and appears to be wrecking havoc among its neighbors in Southeast Asia. What he meant is that China, which had lain dormant for many years, is a potential world power and because of many domestic…

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                                • 10 Natural Cough Remedies

                                  The next time you have an annoying cough, take your grandmother's advice and try one of these natural remedies.

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                                  • Maggie Gyllenhaal: Sex scene was cool

                                    Maggie Gyllenhaal insists she is nowhere near as "wild" in real life as she is on screen.

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                                    • Giving of bonuses can’t be withdrawn, rules CA

                                      Manila, Philippines --- The Court of Appeals (CA) has ruled that the yearly bonuses given to employees can no longer be withdrawn by the employers once the practice has been done over a long period of time. It said the withdrawal of the grant of bonuses as a “company practice” will diminish the…

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                                      • Hopkins putting Father Time on the ropes at 49

                                        Bernard Hopkins, boxing's oldest world champion at age 49, isn't getting knocked out by Father Time just yet. Hopkins, the International Boxing Federation light-heavyweight champion, risks his world title Saturday against World Boxing Association champion Beibut Shumenov of Kazakhstan. "He's a…

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                                        • South Korea ferry captain arrested, divers spot bodies

                                          Nets will be placed around the submerged ferry to prevent any bodies drifting away during the eventual recovery process, Choi said, while adding that the rescue teams had not given up hope of finding survivors trapped in air pockets. Captain Lee was arraigned along with the two officers in charge…

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