• Oscar De La Hoya cheering on Manny Pacquiao for Floyd Mayweather showdown

    Oscar De La Hoya is supporting Manny Pacquiao when he takes on Floyd Mayweather Jr but he knows that a quick start is required for the Filipino to come away as the champion. Tickets for Mayweather v Pacquiao superfight in Vegas in 10 days finally go on sale.

    • Cousins In Scandalous Relationship Brings Bad Luck To Their Family #ShortFilm

      This article Cousins In Scandalous Relationship Brings Bad Luck To Their Family originally appeared on Viddsee BUZZ. Two cousins, fully grown and consenting adults, become romantically involved. There are bigger secrets than being in an insidious relationship that will break their family apart.

      • Enzo’s widow seen in mall abroad – QCPD

        The widow of slain international car racer Ferdinand “Enzo” Pastor, who is accused of being one of the masterminds behind his murder, has been seen at a mall abroad, a Quezon City Police District (QCPD) official said yesterday. An informant saw Dahlia Guerrero-Pastor roaming at a mall either in…

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        • United States seeks access to Philippine bases as part of Asia pivot

          The United States has asked for access to Philippine military bases in eight locations to rotate troops, aircraft, and ships as Washington shifts its forces to Asia and as China expands its military presence in the South China Sea. U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, in a speech in Arizona, has…

          • Iran ships 'turn back' from Yemen as fighting rages

            An Iranian naval convoy suspected of carrying weapons for Shiite rebels in Yemen has turned back, US officials said, as Saudi-led warplanes kept up air strikes on anti-government forces. The conflict has sent tensions soaring between Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran, which backs the Huthi…

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            • Black Widow Slut-Shamed?

              "Avengers: Age of Ultron" stars Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner have apologized after mocking Scarlett Johansson's character Black Widow. Scarlett Johansson in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ (Marvel) On Wednesday, the actors were asked by Digital Spy about

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              • Rizal clan seeks return of grabbed property

                Even descendants of national hero Jose Rizal did not escape the alleged human rights violations committed by the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Members of the Rizal clan, led by the only surviving grandson of the national hero’s brother Paciano, yesterday called on the government to return some…

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                • China rejects Philippines armed robbery claim

                  Beijing on Friday dismissed an accusation by Manila that the Chinese coastguard robbed Filipino fishermen at gunpoint during a confrontation in the disputed South China Sea, calling the claim "inconsistent with the fact". The rebuttal came one day after the Philippine fisheries bureau said that…

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                  • Nepal quake: Over 1,000 dead, history razed, Everest shaken

                    Tens of thousands of people prepared to spend the night in the open under a chilly and thundery sky after a powerful earthquake shook Nepal on Saturday, killing more than 1,180 people, collapsing modern houses and centuries-old temples, and triggering a landslide on the slopes of Mount Everest. The…

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                    • Bruce Jenner: 'I Am A Woman'

                      Bruce Jenner identifies as female, the reality star confirmed to Diane Sawyer in an interview on Friday's "20/20." "Are you a woman?" Diane asked. "Yes, for all intents and purposes, I am a woman," Bruce told Diane in the opening moments of the special

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                      • Martin’s divorce gift for Paltrow

                        Chris Martin has apparently gifted Gwyneth Paltrow with hand written song lyrics in the wake of their divorce. Chris has even given Gwyneth parting gifts including handwritten lyrics of Coldplay songs that are about her. Chris and Gwyneth are parents to daughter Apple, ten, and son Moses, nine.

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                        • Male Stars With Flawless Skin, Park Hye Jin, Kim Soo Hyun, And Lee Jong Suk

                          Actor Park Hye Jin revealed in an interview that he visits the dermatology clinic whenever his schedule allows him. Originally created to treat incurable color pigmentation diseases such as chloasma, the treatment not only evens out the skin tone through a laser procedure but also helps regenerate…

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                          • He Took Advantage Of A Drunk Girl & Thought His Life Would Just Move On #ShortFilm

                            This article He Took Advantage Of A Drunk Girl & Thought His Life Would Just Move On originally appeared on Viddsee BUZZ. He thought it was just another job, but he thought wrong. While servicing a client -- a drunk girl -- this driver tries to take

                            • Aviation expert claims has spotted MH370 wreck between India and Malaysia in Bay of Bengal

                              London, April 24 (ANI): An aviation technology expert has reportedly claimed that he has spotted the remains of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 but needs 1.3 million pounds to find it. Andre Milne, who has been investigating the case independently since the flight disappeared in March last…

                              • Former White House usher reveals of time he walked in on 'nude' Ronald Reagan

                                Washington, Apr 24 (ANI): A former White House usher has revealed of the time when he walked in on naked President Ronald Reagan. Usher Skip Allen recalled the day when he went to deliver a top-secret document, designated "for the President's eyes only," to Reagan, the ABC reported. Allen said that…

                                • ‘China reclamation damaging to Phl marine resources’

                                  The government believes China’s massive reclamation in the West Philippine Sea has done 600 times more damage on marine resources and the environment than that inflicted on Tubbataha Reef by a US Navy minesweeper in 2013. Based on initial data from satellite images, the University of the…

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                                  • Profiles of foreigners on death row in Indonesia

                                    Nine foreign drug convicts are set to be executed in Indonesia after losing all appeals for clemency. Here are brief profiles of some of the inmates, who include two from Australia, one each from Brazil, France and the Philippines. The other condemned prisoners include three Nigerians named by…

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