• Vice-principal of South Korea school in ferry disaster commits suicide

    By Jungmin Jang and Ju-min Park MOKPO/JINDO South Korea (Reuters) - The vice-principal of a South Korean high school who accompanied hundreds of pupils on a ferry that capsized has committed suicide, police said on Friday, as hopes faded of finding any of the 274 missing alive. The Sewol, carrying…

    • Japan to arm remote western island, risking more China tension

      By Nobuhiro Kubo TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan is sending 100 soldiers and radar to its westernmost outpost, a tropical island off Taiwan, in a deployment that risks angering China with ties between Asia's biggest economies already hurt by a dispute over nearby islands they both claim. Japanese Defence…

      • Gaga's un-retouched images cause uproar

        Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott are said to be upset that un-retouched images they took of Lady Gaga for her Versace campaign were leaked.

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        • Centipede Bursts from Snake's Stomach

          A group of researchers stumbled upon a grisly scene during a field study in Macedonia last year: a dead nose-horned viper with a centipede's head sticking out of its ruptured abdomen. "All of us were astonished, as nobody has ever seen something like this," Ljiljana Tomovi?, a herpetologist at the…

          • Dane joins in Philippines' bloody Easter crucifixions

            A Danish man joined eight Filipinos in re-enacting the death of Jesus Christ Friday by being nailed to crosses in a bloody annual Easter spectacle in the Philippines before thousands of surprised onlookers. But local residents were surprised to see the Dane, identified by a local tourism officer as…

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            • Pablo Larrazabal gets stung by hornets, jumps in lake, makes birdie immediately after

              What happened at this week's European Tour event is something you never, ever seen on a golf course.

              Devil Ball Golf
              • Study: sleeping positions reflect quality of relationships

                Whether a couple sleeps face to face or back to back, with or without physical contact, is a good indicator of relationship health, according to a study presented at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, which is taking place in the Scottish city through April 20. Couples who sleep closer…

                AFP Relax
                • That Nap Could Be Leading You to an Early Death

                  We all know how important it is to get enough sleep—but a new study suggests that daytime napping may actually increase your risk of an early death. Researchers looked at more than 16,000 British adults over a 13-year period, and found that those who sle

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                  • Slim Down for Summer: Eat Chocolate!

                    It is possible to lose weight and gain energy by eating chocolate every day, as long as you add the right kind of chocolate to your healthy diet.

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                    • Are Tom Cruise & Laura Prepon Dating?

                      Is Tom Cruise secretly dating Laura Prepon?

                      Access Hollywood
                      • SC unemployment fell to 5.5 percent in March

                        South Carolina's unemployment rate continued a nearly yearlong decline last month, falling for the 10th month in a row, state officials said Friday. The state's jobless rate was 5.5 percent in March, according ...

                        Associated Press22 mins ago
                        • The sleeping giant awakes

                          Napoleon Bonaparte was said to have warned of the “Sleeping Giant,” China, which now is fully awake and appears to be wrecking havoc among its neighbors in Southeast Asia. What he meant is that China, which had lain dormant for many years, is a potential world power and because of many domestic…

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                          • Why Portland Reservoir Was Flushed After Teen Peed in It

                            Officials in Portland, Ore., are flushing 38 million gallons of public drinking water after a 19-year-old was caught on camera urinating into an open reservoir on Wednesday (April 16). As expected, the sample came back clean, Jaymee Cuti, a spokeswoman for the Portland Water Bureau, told Live…

                            • The Shocking Reason You May Be Tired

                              So my doctor prescribed two medications, including a synthetic thyroid hormone to replace what my body was having trouble making. It turns out that my story is actually quite common, especially since the risk for thyroid disorders tends to increase as you get older-and women are up to eight times…

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                              • This Ultra-Modern Organizer is One Heck of a Bright Idea

                                The family command center gets a modern upgrade thanks to Day-Glo Plexiglas. A sturdy pegboard base proves perfectly suited for sorting mail, displaying photos, and storing small items.

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                                • Heartbreaking texts from students on sinking S. Korea ferry

                                  Heart-wrenching messages of fear, love and despair, sent by high school students from a sinking South Korean ferry, added extra emotional weight Thursday to a tragedy that has stunned the nation. Nearly 300 people -- most of them students on a high school trip to a holiday island -- are still…

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                                  • 10 Natural Cough Remedies

                                    The next time you have an annoying cough, take your grandmother's advice and try one of these natural remedies.

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                                    • Let the (real) games begin: It's NBA playoff time

                                      MIAMI (AP) — Finally, the NBA playoffs are set.

                                      Associated Press
                                      • Russia's new culture policy a weapon against West

                                        The Kremlin is preparing a new culture policy for Russia focusing on its distinctive civilisation and traditional values, which observers say has political ends amid Moscow's standoff with the West. At the end of four hours of questions Thursday in his annual call-in, President Vladimir Putin waxed…

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                                        • 24 is the New Over-the-Hill (Sorry!)

                                          According to new research, if you're over 24, you've already reached your peak in this very specific area.

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