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    Documentary spotlights Maria Ressa

    The documentary "A Thousand Cuts" shows journalist and Rappler founder Maria Ressa's struggles with the government of the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.

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    How to store: Mangoes

    A popular fruit and used in many desserts, mangoes should be kept outside of the fridge if unripe. Here are some tips to make your mangoes last and taste better. Sources: National Mango Board, NBC News Images: Getty

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    Heroic men save two girls washed away in overflowing river in Philippines

    Heroic men in the Philippines jumped into an overflowing river to rescue two girls swept away in the flash floods.

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    Beautiful pink-colored sunset in Philippines

    A beautiful pink-colored sunset with clouds like cotton candies hovered over in the sky in the Philippines.

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    Stray cat saved from being stuck in a can

    A delivery man was riding his bike in Quezon City when a kitten with its head stuck in a can caught his attention.

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    Lightning strike obliterates tree

    A woman got the fright of her life when a tree near her home exploded after it was struck by lightning on August 7.

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    Weekly esports guide (10 - 17 August): Get ready for more Valorant in the FSL

    The Female Esports League’s Valorant Open returns for a second time this weekend, featuring some of the best female FPS players in the Southeast Asian region. Meanwhile, brush up on your PUBG Mobile with this week’s PWN THEM ALL featuring ChuChu.