Death penalty

28/07/2020 - 03/08/20203,210 votes
President Rodrigo Duterte wants Congress to reimpose the death penalty as part of his war on drugs. “I reiterate the swift passage of a law reviving the death penalty by lethal injection for crimes specified under the Comprehensive Dangerous (Drugs) Act of 2002,” Duterte said in his State of the Nation Address (SONA). Duterte also warned potential offenders that “bodies will pile up” if they turn to criminality. “You commit holdups, you commit rape, you commit all sorts of things and you harm the public, then I’ll be your enemy. If you return to the old ways, there will be piles of bodies again and I will surely hunt you down,” Duterte said.

Q1. Do you think the restoration of the death penalty will deter criminals?

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